Surbala and Neha

Hey guys 🙂

I have another designer that I discovered on Young Republic The brand is Surbala. I love the designs and the prints..and the colours are gorgeous! I had to contact the designer, Neha Sharma, to get to know more about how she designs and what inspires her. Here’s a little bit about the Brand.

Surbala celebrates the unique allure of every girl, complimenting their distinctive personalities with beautifully hand crafted apparel and accessories.

This emerging design label based in Sydney, Australia, specializes in bespoke resort-wear including caftans, tunics, dresses & accessories. Kaleidoscopic prints inspired by Australian aboriginal motifs coupled with inspirations from Warli wall paintings & traditional techniques like hand block printing, tie & dye, hand embroidery etc. form the base of Surbala’s eclectic look which becomes a must have for each fashionista’s wardrobe.

Here are some of her pieces! All of them gorgeous and vibrant!

Neha Sharma is behind these great pieces and I asked her a few questions:

When was it when you fell in love with designing and have you always wanted to sell your own clothes?

I found my calling when I was doing my graduation in Fashion Design & Information Technology at NIFT, India’s premier design institute. It was like I opened my eyes to a whole new world of art and design, learnt techniques like tie-dye, block printing, hand weaving etc, got to know about the world’s fashion history, ancient civilizations and fell in love with designing.

When I was working as a design manager in India, I worked directly with hand block printers and craftsmen and created new prints and styles, gave me utmost satisfaction and that when I felt that I should start my own label one day and create pieces which have a story of their own and are made with love.

Why did you choose to sell your clothes on Young Republic?

I wanted to have my label’s presence in a format where I would get more exposure around the world and Young Republic provides me exactly that.

What has inspired you to design the clothes, which you have designed?

Mother Nature, Colors & textures, my travel experiences. Intrinsically I love traditional craft techniques and hand-woven fabrics, which I always try to incorporate in my designs.

How long does it take to design one of your pieces?

It’s a continuous process, taking anywhere from 15-25 days in developing a swatch of embroidery or a new pattern and creating it into a style.

What makes you decide on the print your clothes end up with?

I develop prints taking cues from geometric patterns, traditional motifs, floral & animal prints and for natural effects use techniques like shibori & dip-dyeing etc.

Has the economic situation affected your business in any way?

Not much as I have an online retail format.

And which designer is your favorite and which inspires you the most? If there are more than one that is fine 🙂

In designers, I like Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel (classic), Roberto Cavalli (love the exotic prints) and my fav street-wear brand is Zara.

Her clothes to me…do give off a gorgeous serenity and does in a way connect you with Mother Earth..I might sound crazy but that is the feeling the gave me…calmness…power.

I love her pieces and her collection is gorgeous. You will exude power and femininity…by the way the flower dress is….gorgeous gorgeous!

I will have a post on how I style one of her pieces that she was so kind to send so look out for the post 🙂 Haven’t been able to take photos yet. College projects, the weather and not having anyone to take photos are the factors but I have been told that this saturday photos will be taken so watch out for that 😀

You can get her pieces on Young Republic

You can find her brand on Facebook so hit that Like button 🙂




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