Styling Surbala

Hey guys 🙂

As you know from my Surbala and Neha post, the designer Neha Sharma was very kind in sending me one of her pieces. She sent me a gorgeous beach dress. I know it’s Winter here and well I wouldn’t be able to wear it out as is but I came up with three ways that you could style it to suit our weather right now!

First I decided to style it with only showing a little bit of the dress. This way you could actually wear to work or out or to have lunch with friends.


The next outfit I decided to go for a more relaxed, casual look


And the final look I styled with the dress, I went again for a casual look and paired it with a denim shirt



And my new nails 😀 I love them 😀 And if anyone is in Limerick…go to Shades in town, its across the Cornstore 🙂  By the way my fingers are red because there were 3 degrees outside :/


What do you think?

You can find Surbala on YoungRepublic or on her Website also go and like the Facebook page 😀

Hope you like the styling and I will definitely be wearing this gorgeous dress when I go on holidays and to the beach 😀


You are Beautiful!



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