Regal Rose

Hey guys 🙂

How was your weekend? Ye get up to much? Mine was uneventful…well bank account is now probably destroyed. I’ll let you know all my purchases as they come 🙂 Oh! speaking of shopping…ye grab any good deals with the crazy sales going on?

Anyways…as you may or may not know I purchased two pieces from Regal Rose a week or two ago..I forget when exactly. I posted it on my Instagram as soon as the items arrived. You have seen one of the items already and it’s the cross earrings in my last post.

I got the Cross Earrings and the Bird Skull bracelet…they arrived after a week. I was kinda nervous because I assumed that it would take 3-4 days for it to arrive because normally my asos purchases take that long to get to me. I picked the shipping without tracking because it was cheaper. I don’t know if I’ll do that again because I was worried until they had arrived.

Anyways I definitely recommend them! I’ve been wanting something from them for ages!

With the earrings I was kinda worried because I have very sensitive ears and I can’t wear any earrings that are not sterling silver or gold. But I had asked them and they said they use the surgical needle thingy or whatever it’s called. I’m so bad at explaining things hehe 🙂 I’m so glad that they didn’t hurt my ears at all. I can wear them all day and my ears don’t hurt 😀 YAY!! Finally earrings I can wear and that don’t have to be real silver or gold! 😀

I would recommend them to anyone who has sensitive ears like me…really.

The bracelet…I chose the smallest size which is 17″ now I have tiny wrists so it was a bit big for me but I love it and I just clasp it tighter where it won’t fall off. I haven’t removed any of the remaining bird skulls I just leave them hanging…they don’t annoy me but I’m sure if you want you can remove the ones that are left over if you have tiny wrists like me.

Anyways…what I can say is that…Regal Rose…definitely worth buying from them. Quality is great and my sensitive ears don’t suffer 😀 I love their pieces! What you think? Have you gotten yourself any of their gorgeous pieces?

You are Beautiful!



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