Competitions & Giveaways!

Well hello guys! How’s everyone for this weekend :)?

Just got a time to browse with my Twitter account and all and I see these different Competitions/Giveaways going on and *drool. I had to enter em cause who doesn’t want giveaways? 😀

Anyhoo, I want to share them with ye guys so ye can enter to and let’s all have the chances of getting these Lovely things!

First Off!




They just have their Winter TV Advert and they’re celebrating it with giving us a chance to win, hear this***** you ready? A Year’s Worth of Clothes!

omigosh! omigosh! omigosh!.. I had to enter, and I’m hoping this time I’m lucky.. If not, I want it to be one of ye guys! so head on to their Facebook Page!

All ye gonna do is to like their page, and first answer their oh so very easy question about the advert. The advert is in the competition page anyway.

Oh what the hell, the answer is Red if the question is about the colour of the dress Heidi wore at the last part.. Shhhhh!

Then after that, you just give a bit of your info and voila, we are hoping for the best then!

*by the way, they are having 20% + Free Standard UK Delivery til Monday, so if you’ve nothing to do this weekend, have a browse and shop online! haha.

click here to go to their FB page and enter 🙂 -> Internacionale

Fashion Culprit

Fashion Culprit

Next is Fashion Culprit, and as you can see in here, they have a competition in where we can win an outfit for us and our bestie! Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

Just click this link -> Fashion Culprit 

All we have to do is Like the Facebook Page, Follow them on Twitter and Tweet about their Giveaway!

We still have about 5 days til this competition ends, so ye guys better enter soon!


Mina UK

To be honest, I just knew about Mina UK and when I check her stuffs, Love it!

She’s having a competition where in we can win one of the dresses she has in her Christmas party collection or some Fab Gift of Festive Pieces!

Have a look for yourself as here are some of the things we can win!


ahh, aren’t they lovely?

Same mechanics as Fashion Culprit, Go and like her page in Facebook and Twitter and boast about it too!

You’ll then pick what item you want to have from the Christmas Collection. I chose the first dress in the collage I made.

Check the Christmas Collection my dears and if you fancy anything from it, go ahead and join me in her competion!

Here is the link for it 🙂 -> Mina UK



Motel Rocks & Kukee

Last but definitely not the least! This is a Twitter Competition and very easy to enter!


We can win this Kukee Goody Bag and £50 Motel Rocks Voucher! *I die!

Just Follow both parties and RT the competion post!

I have it posted in my account so if you want just go there and re-tweet!—–> Mstoni07

Here’s their twitter pages as well 🙂


Motel Rocks

Easy as one two three!

Oh and by the way, get your 20% discount in Motel using code mstoni 🙂


Alright dearies, that’s it for now and I’m gonna get some snooze! Ye guys enter! There’s no harm in doing so and for all we know! We could win this! haha..

Goodluck to all of us and ye guys have an amazing weekend!

Smile always :). Ciao!



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