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Hey guys 🙂

I was sent this box filled with Sanctuary Spa goodies from Sanctuary Spa and received it a few days ago. I know we’ve already posted our Christmas Gift Guide so I wanted to tell you about this because it is also another great Christmas present…perfect for your loved one to pamper themselves!

So anyways this box was filled with gorgeous products, and I’ve used two of them so far. The products come in a great box that you can then use for storage! It will also look quite impressive under the Christmas Tree 😀

So the products inside are…

Sanctuary Spa Box


First is this very good Body Wash… It has a gorgeous orangey type smell and it does moisturise. I never knew that I would like this type of smell but it’s actually really nice. If my Dead Sea body wash wasn’t sold anymore then that would be my substitute.

IMG_9264 IMG_9267

It comes with this Body Butter…which actually is brilliant soaks into your skin and leaves your skin really soft. Gorgeous smell also! And also comes with this intensive rescue heel balm which I haven’t used yet but if the other products I’ve used are good then I’m sure this will be good too.


This is a Body Scrub, I haven’t used yet but it’s brilliant to properly exfoliate your skin.



This is another body wash…it’s for the bath. Now I don’t have baths but I’d say this will be gorgeous to sink into.


This is the texture of the body butter. Brilliant product!


And it comes with this! 😀 Bonus!


This I definitely recommend as a gift also or if you want to pamper yourself definitely a brilliant pamper box to get! You can get their products on their website. They are retailing at £25 which is brilliant because you get great products and you get loads in it.

I have never tried any of their products before but now though I will definitely be repurchasing their body butter and their shower gel. Those are the two I’ve tried and am very impressed.

Definitely worth checking out or giving it as a gift. They won’t be disappointed.

What do you think? Have you tried any of their products?

Beautify Yourself!



5 thoughts on “Sanctuary Spa

    • Was pretty impressed with the shower gel and especially the body butter. I’ve tried a few body butter thingies and haven’t liked them including one from Soap and Glory. Will definitely be getting them again!

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