NastyGal….I wove you!

Ok guys I had to tell you something…

As you can probably tell, I’m in love with NastyGal! (Am I cheating on my boyfriend?) I go on the website every day almost. Just looking and scrolling…and scrolling. All those clothes…all the gorgeousness…has me hypnotised for…minutes and minutes and those minutes lead to hours…(probably an hour or two). But…UGH! I WANT EVERYTHING ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!

Please NastyGal if you are reading this…would you like to make my Christmas merrier? 😀

Only joking 🙂

But seriously though….does this ever happen to you…love a website/shop and want to buy everything and spend hours scrolling through pages wishing you could get this and this and that and this.

The way they style the clothes they have for sale…and then the clothes themselves it’s just…..ahhhhhhh (I’m making the same noise and face as Katie in Horton Hears A Who-Watch below)

Their sale section is just OH MY GOD!! You can get the Lita Skulls for like €95.71!! They’ve got so many gorgeous shoes on sale as well!! Lalalallalalalalaaa




The clooooothessss!! I would never find these type of clothes here..

I want!! But it’s always sold out in my size 😦



Seriously like…..(cue Katie Noise) ahhhhhh…..


As you can probably tell I love NastyGal….now the only thing is…some of their stuff are seriously expensive! And I wish I lived in the US so I wouldn’t have to pay customs! BUT I still love their stuff and go on their website and just keep saying….I want this and this and this and this….. etc.


Are you as infatuated with their stuff as I am? I hope I didn’t sound crazy haha! Let me know what you think. And also let me know what shop/website do you spend hours in or scrolling their pages of gorgeousness.


You are Beautiful!







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