Harts + Crosses

Hey guys,
Just want to let you know of this great shop I’ve gone to ages ago. This post is actually long due and I bought stuffs from them about end of October. They’re called Harts & Crosses.
Nicola, the one managing this shop is very helpful and supportive I tell ya! I’ve been having some problems with other seller that time as they don’t communicate well and I was worried with my package, who wouldn’t be if you’ve no idea about where and what happen to the items you bought online right? But not with her! :). Even with all the drama with the other sellers, I was able to be at peace with my items bought from Harts and Crosses.

First off, let us know about them!
They are selling jewellery, clothes and accessories. Their jewellery is good quality at affordable prices and is a mixture between home made and wholesale. Home made jewellery is made by Nicola herself and guys they’re pretty :D. Right now, the shops includes Preloved, Vintage and Brand New items, including clothing, accessories. What’s more exciting? They can customize some of the items if you wish so at no extra charge. Isn’t that Lovely!

Anyhoo, here are the stuffs I got! I posted em in my Instagram ages ago, so if ye guys wanna check what’s up, follow me @mstoni_07 🙂



Packaging’s very good, I missed these bubble wraps! Always played with this since I was a kid and she reminded me of it. Didn’t ye? Come on now guys! Who didn’t play with these things? haha..


I did’t have a post picture of the floral bag because after receiving it, I gave it as a gift to my future mother-in-law :). But will get a photo once we go out with it.


Love the earrings! They’re very light and wouldn’t make my earholes big, which I (dread). The two Rosey Rings are Freebies she included with the package! So cute :).


I tried these Fish earrings just so ye can see how it is when worn. I’ll be giving this as an additional gift to my friend too. See! Ye guys can check her website out and I’m sure you’ll see something that ye give out to your loved ones or for yourselves :).

Now, if ye remember my very first Weekend Wishlist post, I put a fringe sling bag right, but been having trouble with where to find it or with the prices. When I see this one, I skipped a heartbit and told Ana that I had to get it. Believe me, all the trouble we went coz I’ve been having problems with making the payment, getting frustrated but I didn’t wanna give it up. And with persistent, I was able to have it!




Love love it and it has been my everyday bag :).By the way, the shipping only took 7-10 days, from UK to Philippines. Not bad! Just had to pay a little bit to our post office and have it.
Oh one thing I wouldn’t miss out in this? I got all these things shipped for FREE. Yes ladies, I was that lucky.. haha..

Here’s a peak at some of the great stuffs they have!


The price? Definitely good for your Wallet and Bank Account. They also do great promotions so do follow them so that ye won’t miss out!

Harts + Crosses

Facebook – Harts + Crosses
Twitter – @HartsCrosses

By the way, I appreciate all the help Nicola. Thank you so much 🙂

Alright, what ye think guys? If you’re into Vintage and Pretty accessories, I do suggest ye check em out and let me know if ye like anything :).
Advance Happy Christmas guys!
Smile Always 🙂 ciao


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