Nars Tinted Moisturiser

Hey guys,

How are ye doing? So it’s almost Christmas…ye getting excited? And am..yea we survived! 😀 😛

But anyways…I have a review of another great product. It is my Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in shade Alaska. If ye have read my post on my favourite youtubers and bloggers then ye know that the gorgeous Taylor from My Lucite Dreams Blog made me want to try it because of her review which you can find here 

I know I love my YSL foundation and it gives me the sheer coverage that I want and also it doesn’t feel like you have make up on. Actually I don’t think I mentioned it in my review of it that, for me, it didn’t seem to rub off on clothes like normal foundations would.

But I have always wanted to have a tinted moisturiser and after going to the Laura Mercier counter around three times I got samples and the first time I got one it was too dark and it seemed to go on patchy for me. Then the other two times I just tried to love it but couldn’t. When I put it on after my moisturiser and I tried without my moisturiser as well it would just kinda drag my skin…and then it was all patchy. So yea I didn’t end up getting it and I didn’t really look for others because I guess I wanted a good quality one. I knew the Laura Mercier was supposed to be a good one so that’s why I tried it. We don’t have Nars here and I don’t know why but didn’t want to fork out a lot of money for the Nars one at the time. Kinda weird when the Laura Mercier is as expensive or even more expensive haha.

After reading Taylor’s review of the Nars one though I decided that I must and yes even though I already had a perfect foundation I still wanted to try it haha. So when, last month, I went to Dublin I went into Brown Thomas and got a sample from the Nars counter. The girl at the counter didn’t match my skin but the colour she chose is actually perfect…sometimes I think it could be a little lighter but the one after my shade, Alaska, would have been too dark for me. Soo…I went home and tried it, the next day. And I loved it!

What it did with my skin…it does feel like it’s way better for my skin type which is combination but it’s mainly oily. So…I decided to get it but of course I wasn’t going to Dublin again so I wasn’t gonna be able to get it there. I checked on the Nars website and…with shipping it would have been waaaaayyyy too pricey! I checked then on Asos and I was glad I did! I saved 50 cents! In Brown Thomas it’s €38 and on Asos it’s €37.50 and they have free shipping so I was glad to get it from there!

I love the way that this tinted moisturiser leaves my skin so soft. I put it on after my moisturiser as Taylor suggested to put on moisturiser anyway. It doesn’t make it more oily and ok…here is a very bad thing to do but I do it all the time :/ I leave it on at night but but but it doesn’t do anything bad to my skin and my skin is so soft! I love that about it. The only thing that I did notice with this is that it does rub off on clothes unlike my YSL foundation so just keep that in mind 🙂

I recommend to check out Taylor’s review of it as she has drier skin than me so if you want to know how it would be like for you then definitely check her amazing review!

Once again, I want to Thank Taylor because I found a brilliant product that I will be repurchasing. I kinda have neglected my YSL foundation 😦 I’m sure I’ll use that again but to be honest I do think that this is more suited to my skin type than that foundation. Now the review I did of it still is true but I do think this is better.

Here’s a picture of two products which are making my face look flawless..I will be talking about the Bobbi Brown Concealer real soon 🙂 But I can say that I finally found a concealer that covers up my outrageous dark circles than any I’ve tried!

Here is an Instagram pic I posted a while ago of my Face of the Day and am…weirdly it has 344 Notes on Tumblr! But anyways this has been my combination since I got both products and of course I moisturise before 🙂 Oh! I almost forgot I don’t use powder to set it or anything 🙂

This is with both on


Anyways I love these two products and very happy I got them 😀


What do ye guys think? Have ye tried any of these products?


You are Beautiful!




3 thoughts on “Nars Tinted Moisturiser

  1. Thank you sweet Ana! Your so good to me 🙂 I’m so glad it works well for you. Your skin definitely dosnt need much coverage and it looks flawless! Love those lips too 🙂 thanks again for your support xoxo

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