Folkster…Your Destination For Uniqueness

Hey guys πŸ™‚

Ye all have probably read some of my wish list and seen some pieces from them but I wanted to tell you about them more and maybe you will be going on their website and checking out their gorgeous items like I do so many times. It’s hard not to!

So…Folkster is the website for the shop Shutterbug. They have vintage pieces and stock Silver Factory clothes also (which I love also!). They have gorgeous accessories and they stock Jeffrey Campbells! One of the great things is that they let you pick from a batch of JC’s which one you want them to stock…so the ones with the most likes gets to be in their shop and website.

Right now on their Facebook page they’re letting us pick some more JC’s and there are these Oxblood Coletranes which I am LOVING! They’re god damn gorgeous! I want to have them! Please vote for them! I’ll love you forever! and so will my feeties πŸ˜€ Just click on this link and like!!

They’re gonna have a giveaway where we can win a pair of JC’s soon! So keep a look out!

Folkster/Shutterbug are an Irish store that looks for unique vintage pieces that will add that pazaaz to your wardrobe and the best thing is that no one else will have that special piece that have caught their eyes. They are based in Killarney where they have their shop Shutterbug (I hope to go to Killarney someday and go into their store).

Here are some of the stuff they have in their store!

They have Four other colours of these bowler hats and these are their own ones πŸ™‚ I love this one!

This is a great headpiece!

I am in LOVE with their Kimonos…they have a black version too and they named them after Anouska which is one of my favourite Irish Bloggers!

This is called the Madonna dress….you can definitely see Madonna in this and also let out your Diva side πŸ˜€

In love also with this cardigan…it looks soooooo soft!

If you have ever wanted a sequin jacket then this is a gorgeous one!

You can find Folkster on Twitter here

On their Facebook here

On their Pinterest here

They joined Tumblr recently and my gosh their Tumblr is Amazing! check it out here

You can also find Shutterbug on twitter here

And their Facebook here

I hope you check them out πŸ™‚

You are Beautiful!


Elizabeth’s Beauty


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