High Heels Suicide…My Obsession

Hey guys 🙂

Ye already know my obsession with High Heels Suicide. But I wanted to let ye know about the new tank that they will be bringing out soon and also their new beanie and the new t-shirt which they have out already but that’s not all some of their pieces that have been sold out for a bit will be restocked 😀


The beanie I was gonna get but as soon as I was gonna get they were already sold out 😦 That happened with the cotton candy top buuuuut me gonna wait for the beanie and get it now.

One thing you will see changed is their stuff are now in dollars. But it doesn’t change the quality or how gorgeous their stuff are!!!! (drooling)

The items that will be restocked soon are

This is their new Beanie which I  love! I love the colour and can’t wait till it is restocked!

And this t-shirt we the Anthem “We are higher than a Mother F*cker”

By the way guys! They will have their own phone cases!!! I will be getting one definitely! Slowly but surely I will own everything they’re selling haha. Well I hope to because I love their stuff and they’re such great quality. The crop top and tank I got are so soft! So is the Wild Free Suicide hoodie. Definitely guys do check out their website and if you love something get it because then you will be regretting it as it will end up being sold out next time you check. (well it will most likely be sold out…happened to me twice as I’ve already mentioned)

If you go to LA’s Blog here you will see the new tank that will be on the website soon! 😀 Can’t wait!

If you haven’t checked out my lookbook I did with my High Heels Suicide purchases then check out my video here

Check them out and I’m so proud to be a High Heels Suicide Girl!

Love you High Heels Suicide!

Can’t wait to get my Cupcakelicious tank!

You are Beautiful!


*Disclaimer…I wrote this post because I wanted to share this with ye 🙂


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