My Favourite Spring Trends 2013

Hey guys 🙂

I know it’s still winter but…spring will be here really soon and I’ve been seeing these spring trends alot and have gotten to like them! However even though they’re trends it doesn’t mean you have to go with what is trendy. If you do like a trend then you can incorporate it into your wardrobe but you don’t have to be a slave to it 🙂 Be unique 🙂

The first trend that I am loving right now and it was on trend last year (if I remember correctly) is the stripe trend. I wasn’t so into it when all the shops had the striped jeans and striped everything it seemed. But for some reason I am loving that trend. But I will not be going stripes crazy though! I will not be head to toe in stripe…that could be too much.

Michael Kors-Spring/Summer 2013 Photo-Vogue
Michael Kors-Spring/Summer 2013 Photo-Vogue

The way that I’m incorporating that trend into my style and wardrobe is….by buying one piece. I’ve actually already bought it and received it yesterday and that is my Motel Rocks Striped Jordan Jean in black and white 🙂 It is gorgeous!

Motel Rocks

They’ve got the gorgeous striped dress that ye probably saw on the video of their new collection which I shared with ye. It’s gorgeous! Remember if you like it and love this trend you can get 20% off their stuff with my code elizabethsbeauty
If you are thinking about this trend I just wanted to share a little tip when choosing what way you want your stripes. Vertical stripes will elongate and horizontal ones will add a few inches so keep that in mind 🙂
The next trend I’m loving is Metallics. Another that has already been around but I just love the way it’ll be with us for the spring. Also it will be gorgeous when the sun hits it 🙂

Giorgio Armani-Spring/Summer 2013 Photo-Vogue

Giorgio Armani-Spring/Summer 2013 Photo-Vogue

Burberry Prorsum-Spring/Summer 2013 Photo-Vogue

Burberry Prorsum-Spring/Summer 2013 Photo-Vogue

These are the pieces that I would pick to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe. You can get these four pieces from Asos

Metallic Leather skirt €83.34

Metallic Dress €36.11

Metallic Bralet €52.78

Metallic Maxi Dress €118.07

These next ones are from Motel Rocks and remember you can get 20% off with code elizabethsbeauty It won’t work on sale items though 😦

Motel Rocks  I have these pants and they are gorgeous!

Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks


What did you think? Do you like any of these trends? Do you follow trends? Which is your favourite if not mentioned here?


Thank you for reading!


You are Beautiful!





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