Hey guys 🙂

Wanted to let ye know about our sponsor Envi Shoes 🙂 They are as you probably can guess or if ye have checked out their link, an online shoe shop website but they also sell accessories and handbags. They sell gorgeous shoes from brands such as Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Miista to Rebecca Minkoff.

They are based in the US and offer (so lucky!) free shipping for domestic orders of $50. They are having a brilliant sale right now and here are some of the shoes that are on sale!

JC Alexandria $155.97

JC NSFW $120.22

Messeca Sandal $99.17

Here are some other shoes from their site that I loooove!

Miista $159.95

Deandri Olga $164.95

Deandri Helga $164.95

Great shoes and great free shipping for ye lucky Americans 🙂 I wish I lived in America because ye have the most unique shops and shoes ever!

Envi Shoes have a Facebook which ye can follow here and a twitter here.

Definitely check them out they got way more brands and I think it’s a great website to check out. If you live in the Baltimore area then they got a store there if you wanna pop down 🙂


What do ye guys think?


You are Beautiful!




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