Yes I’m French on TV

Hey guys! 🙂

Remember my post on the designer, Sandra Meynier Kang and the brand Yes I’m French? If not check out my post here. She is on a Korean TV program where designers compete to win a grand prize at the end. Episode two is up already and I can’t wait to watch it. What she made on episode one was stunning and she just put up pictures of what she made on the second episode and that top and jacket are gorgeous!!

Sandra-Designer Taken from Yes I’m French Facebook

Episode 2 Design Taken from Yes I’m French Facebook

This is a little bit of the dress she made in episode one which I hope ye’ll watch to see how gorgeous it is and for me I think that her design was the stand out, out of all of them.

Taken from Yes I’m French Facebook

The program is Korean and no subtitles but I don’t care because I get to see what she makes 😀 So I hope ye will watch the two episodes and let me know what you think! I’m hoping to get the dress on episode one when I can afford it and I want the top from episode two haha.

Here is episode One

And here is episode Two

I wish her the best and I believe in anything she does because she is just a wonderful, talented designer and such a sweet heart!

If you’re in Korea then support her because she deserves it! Anyways please watch and hope ye enjoy and hope you check out her brand on Asos Marketplace and on Young Republic. I still stand by what I said in my first post about her. We will see her designs everywhere soon. She is amazing!

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and show her support! Some of her designs on Asos Marketplace are on sale so definitely go and grab something!


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