Online Vs Offline

Hey guys 🙂


I’ve been very curious in finding out what ye thought of online shops and offline ones. If you preferred to still go out and have the clothes there for you to try on and still are happy with what’s out there in shops or if you, like me, are disappointed with what are in shops and are turning to online for more unique pieces?

Before, I used to dread online shops because there’s always a risk in buying stuff and then them ending not fitting you. Also I used to be able to fine pieces that I truly loved and thought I couldn’t get anywhere else. However, I think it started last year, I was converted to online shopping (which is dangerous!). All the unique shops, the new shops, the unique clothing just blew my mind and my wallet! I find that in the online shops you can find clothing pieces, shoes, accessories…almost everything, that are unique…that you wouldn’t really be able to get in retail shops here. Here, in Limerick, there isn’t really much variety in things. Here you can’t find any Jeffrey Campbells. Here the most unique shoes are DOCs and converse. Some shoe shops have replicas of the litas but you can’t find any Jeffrey Campbells at all. That’s why everytime that I wear my Litas and Hellbounds people can’t stop staring at the shoes.

My boyfriend keeps telling me almost every time we go somewhere ‘all the girls keep looking at your shoes…’ My reply is…’of course because no one else has them here’.

I really do find that we need more unique shops in our cities….especially Limerick to get back that confidence that you’ll be able to find unique pieces. I’d say though if I were in Dublin it would be different because there are more unique shops there.

Everytime I go to my shopping mall I go around the shops that have always had great stand out pieces and I leave without buying anything most of the time. Ok…now sometimes I do go in there and find amazing things. Zara in particular last season was amazing and still is amazing. But I feel like I can find something better and unique (how many times have I said that word?!) online. Also the bargains that you can find online are amazing!!

I don’t feel inspired when I go into the shops anymore. The perks though of going to the shops is that you can try the clothes etc on…feel them and then decide if you want to get it. Online there’s the risk that it won’t meet your expectations. But it still draws me in…maybe it’s because yes I’ve had luck and haven’t needed to return anything. One of the only things that kinda annoys me, I have to say annoy because it does annoy me, are the import duties. I know if you buy from abroad you gotta pay but wish it wasn’t as expensive as it is. It sometimes puts you off buying from a certain online store.

But yes…there are pros and cons of online shopping I know but I still do feel like you can find things in world wide web that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find when you go out shopping.


Let me know though guys what you think…I really want to know what you’re thoughts are on it. Do you feel the same about buying Beauty products online? Would you like a post on my favourite online shops?


Thanks for reading!


You are Beautiful!




2 thoughts on “Online Vs Offline

  1. Hallloooo! Wow very lengthy post there babe!! I totally agree with you, I tend to go in the shops and I’m walking around like ugh where’s all the good stuff! I find online you can properly browse in comfort, you’re not rushed by the busyness of the shop and loud music shying you off from going in! Online is SOOO much better!! Sales are far better online and I find there’s always more online and possibly haven’t been tampered with like they have in the shops!
    The other factor that winds me up is petrol and parking, takes loads of money just to get in and takes aaaages to queue for a space Aaah stress! The best thing about online too is that I very rarely buy online without finding some discount code, I’m famous with my friends for getting bargains!
    You’ve now awoken my love for shopping aaaah off I go!
    Great post! 🙂 xxxx

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