Hey guys 🙂

I have a gorgeous brand and shop which I’m collaborating with to let you know about, ye probably already know about them if you had entered for the giveaway that I had up with them…I have been going on their website every now and then and just admiring their gorgeous unique clothes!

REDROCK Fashion is a label that was set up by Kiran Lall Fashion Designer and stylist who has a sense of original diy style and indie inspired fashion sense. All the items are hand made in their Northampton Studios and since they are handmade you will definitely have a unique piece that no one else will have. A good way, to be honest, if you want to be unique or just add unique pieces to your wardrobe 🙂

RedRock is for girls who like to have fun with fashion, stand out from the crowd by wearing something a little different that can’t be found on the High Street. RedRock is not about following trends but looking great wearing WHAT YOU WANT…and still FEELING A MILLION DOLLARS

So here are a few of their pieces which I’ve styled

First off it’s their gorgeous Cannabis Tee and Spiked Beanie which perfects the Trendy Grungy Look


REDROCK by anaelizabethaguila featuring jeffrey campbell shoes

Next I styled their gorgeous Denim Jacket with

This is another Summer look which I decided to style with their denim jacket, fringe top and high waisted shorts. I am really dreaming of Summer haha 🙂
I wanted to do a mysterious look for when you’re feeling like you want to be mysterious 😀
Darkness Comes
Let me know what you think of how I styled some of their pieces 🙂
You can find REDROCK Fashion on Facebook on Twitter on Instagram
Check out other pieces from them on their website
I will be sent a 10% discount code especially for ye 😀 So check out their site and let me know what you loved 😀
You are Beautiful!

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