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Hey guys 🙂

Ye already know that I had ordered a sample from their website a week or two ago and they were so kind to send me a few more to try out. Ye can also order free samples and the only thing you need to pay for is the shipping which is around €6 🙂

So the samples that I received were

Firmin Day Moisturiser for Oily Skin

IMG_9648 IMG_9664

This moisturiser is really like none of the others I’ve tried. This moisturiser was definitely made for my oily skin. When I put it on it just instantly mattifies my skin but leaving it soft. This is a clear gel and I was recommended to get a gel for my oily skin. There’s one thing that some people will like and some people won’t which is the smell of the moisturiser. For me it seems like it’s some sort of mint/citrus tea smell. When I let my mum smell she said it was a citrus smell. I personally love the smell and it’s not over powering which is what I like and also it kinda gives you a lift…a boost.

One thing that I love which you can pick in some of their products if not most, when you’re choosing your specific product, is the mood boost option. You probably already know if you’ve read my post about them when I received their samples, if not read here so you can see the different options 🙂 With these options it makes it more unique and you really make the product your own.

I have used Estee Lauder Daywear moisturiser which is the one I was using before I got the sample (the Estee one did mattify my skin a bit but I found it, anyway, left my skin oily) and Lancome Zen Moisturiser….which I really don’t recommend if you have oily skin (I asked specifically for an oily skin one) it made my skin sooo oily!

The In Situ Cosmetics Moisturiser is the best that I have tried for my skin type. I recommend it very much. The sample size is 15ml.

Jasmine Body Butter

IMG_9655 IMG_9657

Ye already know I was using and loving the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter which I was sent to review. The In Situ Cosmetics Body Butter is just as good. I actually was kinda surprised but in a good way at the consistency of it. It’s a wax…but when warmed up in your hand it’s easy to apply. You just need to rub it in your hands for a second or two and distribute it onto your body. The smell is divine!! Ugh…seriously..gorgeous! That’s what I’ve been using every time after the shower. As well as the Sanctuary one I will be repurchasing this! The sample size of this is 10ml and you only need to use a little for each part of your body as long as you warm it up first.

Refreshing Tissue x2


I haven’t used these yet but I definitely something to have handy in your bag!

24HR Hydrating: Rejuvinating Face Cream

IMG_9659 IMG_9658

This is another sample that I haven’t used but will soon. The consistency of this is different, this is a cream. I’d say though that it’s as good as my moisturiser. Sample size is 10ml.

“Each formulation is a concentrated blend of naturally derived vitamins, minerals, omega oils and antioxidants that will penetrate deep into the skin tissue. Our luxurious creams are designed to provide essential daily nourishment, our lotions are power-packed with rich actives with super hydrating properties and our gels are formulated with superior firming properties for instant results, giving skin a younger more lifted look.”

Instant Firming Eye Gel


This is another sample I haven’t tried but will soon…I don’t really use eye creams so that is why I haven’t tried it yet. The consistency is a gel…it isn’t a clear gel like my moisturiser it is green in colour. The sample size is 3ml.

“Our Eye Creams are designed to strengthen and deeply condition your skin. Our Eye Balms are light and refreshing, formulated to nourish the most delicate zones and create lasting deep-seated radiance. Our Eye Gels instantly replenish and firm the delicate skin around the eyes by creating a tightening film. Create your fortified signature blend to replenish lost moisture, banish dark circles or combat puffiness.”

I will give you my over all conclusion…definitely definitely recommend this brand for skin care. The brilliant thing they have is you can buy free samples! Only pay for the shipping. When a brand does that it’s because they really care about their customer and understand that they need to try before they spend so much on a product. I think that that is the most amazing thing that a brand can do because it builds trust.

In Situ Cosmetics also are there when you need them…any question you need to ask don’t be afraid to they’re so attentive to the customers and get back promptly.

Try out the samples and see for yourself how brilliant this skin care brand is. Oh and if any guy is reading this…they have skin care for you too!

I have some exciting news! They were soooo nice to offer you, my gorgeous readers, a discount to use where you can get 20% off and a FREE Mattifying Face Gel for Oily Skin with an instant firming effect and a calming and relaxing mood boost (15ml ) with every purchase! You just need to enter the exclusive code EBEAUTY at the checkout at ‘Vouchers Code’ and click add to apply the discount 🙂

 Expiry Date: 31/01/2013 *Offer will change from time to time depending on availability. **One voucher per customer offer does not apply on samples.

Go follow them on Facebook and Twitter and check out their website 🙂

Let me know what you think! If you do order any of their samples let me know! 😀 I have found my perfect moisturiser hope you can too if you’re not happy with the one you have or would like to try something new 🙂

You are Beautiful!



3 thoughts on “In Situ Cosmetics – Skin Care Made For You

  1. I love ur post 🙂 The InSitu gel for oily skin is absolutely the best. I have oily skin and had tried all products to find out that they only made my skin more oily. The Estee Lauder not only made my skin more oily but also gave me blemishes which i normally don’t have.
    I love the calming and relaxing smell but im absolutely crazy with the self confidence one which is by far my fav – u ve got to try ti.

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