Dixi-New Collection

Hey guys 🙂

Mark your calendars!! 😀 One of my favourite online stores, Dixi, are launching a new collection on Sunday! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! Excited!! I actually haven’t bought anything from them for a while and ugh I need to…I really need to.

I have some photos of what is coming out in the new collection which like I said will be available on Sunday at around 10am (set a reminder!) 😀 Some of the jewellery will be one off pieces so you will have a unique piece that no one will have 😀 Which I love about Dixi…I love having those special pieces that I know no one can get here!

But it’s not only jewellery as you probably know..they have some clothing pieces that you can wear together to make your look really unique.

I have a code for ye lucky UK readers 🙂 Ger FREE UK Shipping when you use the code BLOGGERDISC on any purchase £15 or over which is valid for a week, starting the 27th of January ending 3rd of February.

Don’t worry if you don’t live in the UK, they have free worldwide shipping on orders £25 and over 😀

Here is what you could get at 10 am on Sunday! Oh and from my experience make sure that if you like something…get it because I’ve wanted to get so many rings and because they are a once off they were sold 😦 So if you really like it-get it! 🙂




So….already see what you will get? I basically would love to get everything here! I am loving the mesh looking top and the skirts and all the necklaces and loving the earrings…and everything!

What do you think? Gorgeous eh? Have you seen my previous posts about them? It’s seriously my favourite place to find unique gorgeous rings! I featured their rings in two of my videos too 🙂

Here are some of the rings in my Dixi collection 🙂

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 20.21.58

I love their rings and are really the only rings I will ever buy.

Go follow their Facebook and Twitter! They often have giveaways and you can find out when there is a sale or when they have new items on the website! 😀

You are Beautiful!


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