Fashion Student Style

Hey guys 🙂

Today I had the pleasure to film a Fashion Student from Limerick School of Art and Design for my final year project. She…is so talented my gosh! I really cannot wait till she shows off her collection in May. One to look out for definitely! I love her style also…I took a photo of her today because I had to and actually I wish I had done the same when I interviewed her before Christmas!

She is such a nice person also and is so passionate about fashion that it’s inspiring! When she was explaining what her collection would be about I got so excited and actually I couldn’t stop talking about it in the car on my way home. I probably annoyed my boyfriend haha but me don’t care 🙂 I actually would love to do a feature on her for the blog and I’m gonna ask. But anyways here is the photo of her and her outfit 🙂 Remember her name…. Andrea Cullen







You are Beautiful!




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