Hey guys 🙂

A week or two ago I had discovered this brand on twitter…and am glad I did. They are an Italian brand that handmake Italian leather boots and trainers.

They are called Ibiza Boots and guys you gotta look out for them as they are gonna be everywhere! I love their look…there aren’t many boots like them out there and the colours they come in are gorgeous! Now I’ve never been to Ibiza, I would love to visit some day though, but I do think that these boots and trainers really have that image. They are gorgeously made with all their embellishments and I love the earthy vibe their boots have. They have that kind of Native American look about them. I love the boho chicness of them. The attention to detail is also gorgeous! Their trainers which are light and comfy have that Urban vibe so if you like that then they are for you definitely! But they don’t necessarly go with an Urban style you can wear them with your skinny jeans or with your short shorts…they will

If Pocahontas were still alive I could definitely see her in these and you’ll see why… The campaign photos are gorgeous and make me wish it was summer and I were on a gorgeous beach enjoying the sun and warmth and the beach!

The Boots

Black ankle boots

black boots

black boots2

black embellished

brown boots

brown embellished



red ankle



The Trainers


runners brown2

runners brown

red boots

blue runners

As you can see their stuff is gorgeous and doesn’t it make you wish it was summer already?! I love the way the trainers have that cute heart on the tongue 😀 I love the look of them and love the way they can go with anything… They’re handmade with Italian leather so the quality will be brilliant and they’re boots and trainers to look out for! They don’t have a website yet but they are launching in April. They will be in the UK soon and hopefully stocked in Ireland also!

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook

What do you guys think? Would you buy them when they’re available?

You are Beautiful!



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