Hey guys 🙂


Well I have been obsessed with Dungarees for a few weeks now…I’ve never liked them because I’ve always thought they weren’t that flattering. But now I am just loving them. I had seen a few weeks ago on Yayer a purple velvet one (sadly it’s not there anymore) and fell in love with it! Wish I had gotten it when I seen it 😦

I then saw Jess’s video (Sunbeamsjess) wearing the topshop one and my gosh I fell in love with that one!! I want to get it but my gosh it’s expensive… £100 O_O Here they are

They’re tailored and gorgeous and actually verrry sexy! check out Sunbeamsjess video wearing it here 

Topshop have other ones like this one. It’s a cutesy one 🙂

I went into River Island 2 or 3 days ago and they have the same kind of one as Topshop but…they’re not tailored. They’re kind of flared which hmmm…not my style. Well not used to be when I was younger.


Yayer has one dungaree now and it’s yellow. Definitely a stand out!

I found other ones on Asos. One that is kind of like the Topshop one but a bit cheaper

They are €60.88

And also these ones..

These area actually on a massive sale! They were €202.08 and are €91.02!

So what do you think guys? I really want the Topshop ones! 😦 But I think the Asos ones come close to what the Topshop one looks like. What’s your opinion on Dungarees?

You are Beautiful!



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