Hey guys πŸ™‚

I gotta tell you about this unique jewellery and accessory online store. On twitter was where I found out about them. When I checked out their store I was impressed…and also I recognised the model wearing one of their necklaces, earrings and rings on the home page… It’s Shannon from ShannonLouiseVintage Youtube Channel and then I remembered watching one of her videos where she mentioned them…she had done a shoot for them. By the way I love her and her style!

They are a brand that are located in London and they’re about making unique pieces that will last you and also “age well with time“.Β 

“The brand consists of luxury leather goods and accessories for men and women that combine classic, attention grabbing yet simple ingredients. In addition to leather goods Hayches specialises in jewellery and stylish gadget carriers such as iPads and smartphones.”

Anyways yea they’re jewellery is gorgeous! They have gorgeous chains and different styles of chains these are my favourite

The rings are as gorgeous and love the way they’re unique πŸ™‚


I’m also loving their earrings which are the same as the rings but I love the vintage look they have and will definitely give a little something to an all black outfit!


They don’t only do jewellery they also have some clutches and pouches and also a phone holders. They’re pretty stylish too!

Let me know what you think and check their website out! (click on the images to take you to their particular page) Follow them on Twitter and Facebook also!

They have a 15% off code which is SNOWSALE


Let me know what you think!


You are Beautiful!




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