TRESemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex Review

Hey guys πŸ™‚

So a while back I bought and did a post showing you this product. Check the post here.Β Like I said in the post I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Argan oil and Moroccan Oil. I…have found something special!

TRESemme Argan Infused Oil

The oil is infused with Argan Oil and has a pump…you just need to squirt it once. The amount that is pumped out is actually the right amount if you have the same length as mine which is chin length. I’d say if you have long long hair then squirt twice πŸ™‚

This can be used when your hair is wet or when your hair is dry. I use it just after I towel dry my hair and then leave it dry normally. My hair is frizzy…this takes away all the frizz and leaves my hair shiny without leaving it oily. I apply it all over my hair. It really does leave your hair so soft, shiny and frizz free. I’ve been wanting to tackle my frizzy hair for so long and I used Frizz Ease…doesn’t work with me 😦 So I am sooo glad I found this product and it’s only around €6!

I know that Elvive came out with something similar to Moroccan Oil but that is expensive…well it’s around €10 but it’s more than what I want to and can spend.

The TRESemme one I’ve used every time I wash my hair and that’s every 2 or 3 days…I still only used a teensy bit of it (It’s down to a little above the TRESemme sign thingy). Have basically the full bottle left still. Which just shows the value for money. This product I cannot recommend enough!

If you are looking for an Argan Oil/Moroccan Oil I suggest that you try this…it really is a miracle worker for me. I used to get frustrated with my hair because of it being so short and frizzy before but with this it’s just tamed all that frizz down and my hair is nice and soft. My hair is definitely more manageable now. Thank you TRESemme!!

I got it in Boots by the way πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think πŸ™‚ Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts on it?

You are Beautiful!



4 thoughts on “TRESemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex Review

  1. I have ran out of my best friend Moroccan oil and my hair has been suffering because of it, so I thought I would give this L’oreal oil a try as it seems to claim to do the same thing. I’ve been using this for about two weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in the ends of my hair, they are not as dry as they used to be and my hair overall looks a lot healthier. This is pretty much the same as Moroccan oil so I’m not going to go into much detail on it as I have already done a Moroccan oil review here . The only thing I don’t like about the L’oreal oil is that it doesn’t smell of anything, Moroccan oil smells delicious but this doesn’t have a smell at all. I would say this is a great ‘dupe’ for Moroccan oil if you aren’t willing to pay the Β£30 for the same amount of product you get with the L’oreal oil. One thing I prefer about this oil is that it makes my hair really shiny and glossy, which is hard to get with blonde hair. It has made my hair feel really soft, and has kept it soft since I last washed it. Thinking about it, I might prefer the L’oreal oil to the Moroccan oil as it is much cheaper and you get a lot more product for your money. I love how shiny it makes my hair and I can defiantly say it is protecting and quite possibly even fixed my split ends. You only need a little bit of this oil in your hair, as it goes a long way, which I didn’t find was the case with Moroccan oil, I felt with Moroccan oil I had to apply quite a bit to make my hair less frizzy and look less damaged. I will defiantly be repurchasing this oil when I run out!

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