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I have a designer/brand that I wanted to let ye know about, CRES E DIM, it was born in Seoul Korea. I first found out about them when the lovely Sandra Meynier Kang, designer of Yes I’m French (check out my post on her gorgeous designs and label here), told me to check them out. I did…and my gosh their designs are gorgeous! Every piece is amazing!

The designer and CEO of the brand is KIM HONGBUM. He won the DOOTA DESIGNER VENTURE CONTEST in 2007 and participated in Korea’s Project Runway in 2008.

CRES E DIM means, if we were to have it in music terms, getting gradually louder and gradually softer. Basically mixing the hard with the soft which he applied into the philosophy and identity of the label/brand.

“His philosophy related to ” make it look like a natural flowing river by making cuts and put some color on it”.

In his Spring Summer 2013 Collection you can see that philosophy and identity. There is that toughness and power but also it’s always mixed with a piece which is soft and feminine be it a certain piece or a certain fabric he used for a part of the whole piece. He uses a lot of greys, blacks and whites but incorporates a top with pattern in there to add a little something extra.

His designs are very structural but still ooze that femininity with a little bit of an edge. His designs are also very modern but in some pieces that I have seen he does mix a little bit of the traditional Korean clothing.

It is already very famous in Seoul, where his designs are stocked in the ALAND store and some other trendy concept shops. CRES. E DIM is also set up at DOOTA department stores in Dongdaemun. The brand/label right now is beginning to spread out of Asia. You can find stockists in Paris, NYC, Denmark, Japan and China.

CRES. E DIM. is represented by the showroom X’ TIGE  in, NYC, USA and by the BUREAU SEUTAIL in Paris.

The label is consumer friendly you don’t have to worry about not being able to wear something if you buy it. The pieces are gorgeous, the way they play with toughness and softness is brilliant and very good for the modern woman as we do want to look tough sometimes as well as feminine. With this label we can be both as all his pieces evoke our two sides. A powerful yet fragile creature…we women are 🙂 That’s what makes us unique.

I have the Spring Summer Lookbook here which I was sent to share with ye but before showing ye that I have to…I seriously have to show you his A/W 12 Collection. It is seriously amazing!!

A/W 2012

S/S 2013

crsd0411 copy crsd0396 copy crsd0390 copy crsd0384 copy crsd0371 copy crsd0359 copy crsd0358 copy crsd0350 copy crsd0343 copy crsd0333 copy crsd0327 copy crsd0306 copy crsd0302 copy crsd0290 copy crsd0273 copy crsd0248 copy crsd0218 copy crsd0216 copy crsd0195 copy crsd0178 copy crsd0172 copy crsd0160 copy crsd0151 copy crsd0121 copy crsd0116 copy crsd0080 copy crsd0067 copy crsd0057 copy crsd0050 copy

You can find their stockists on their website CRES E DIM

Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their collections and amazingness.


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