Motel LFW Competition

Motel LFW Competition
Hey guys 🙂
This is my entry to Motel Rocks‘ blogger competition where the winner will get to go to London Fashion Week and report for them! 😀 It is my dream to go to London Fashion Week and hopefully I will be lucky with this entry.
We are supposed to show, if we won, what we would wear at the ‘FROW’ and I chose this…
Like ye know I’m loving the striped/monochrome trend for the Spring Summer but to kind of make it my own I made it a bit darker… and that lilac hair will be mine! Third time lucky 😀
Anyways hope you like this and oh! remember until this sunday night you can get 25% off Motel Rocks items with my code elizabethsbeauty when entered at checkout! From Monday on it will be back to 20%. So get yourself sorted for Spring/Summer with their gorgeous, good quality, stuff!! They have free shipping to UK and USA!
Let me know what you think of the outfit I would wear to LFW. If you’re a blogger and have entered this amazing competition then leave your link in the comments would love to see what you would wear if you won 🙂
Oh! Another thing…don’t forget to enter here to win £10,000 worth of Goodies from Motel!
Good luck to us all and…
You are Beautiful!

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