Valentines Limited Edition Body Lotion

Hey guys 🙂


Just wanted to let you know about In Situ Cosmetics limited edition body lotion. They came out with 6 limited edition ones to spice up your body this Valentines Day!


The six are:

Maybe Baby – florals with attitude, vamped up with cinnamon, a delicate balance between doll and tough girl.

Endless love – a mysterious jasmine lover’s delight. Chic, classic and elegant.

Playtime – Lily and rose head up this fun essence, showing you don’t have to be serious to be seductive.

Head turner – bergamot and vanilla make this potion guaranteed to earn you some attention.

The one – keeping it simple with a single iconic note. A memorable and no-fuss approach with pure gardenia.

The power of love – a heady mix of Indonesian patchouli to knock his socks off.

They sound soooo goood and yummy!!

“Our special edition Hydration Body Lotionhydrates the skin and locks in the body’s natural moisture. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids help to hydrate, condition and soften the skin. Provides powerful antioxidant protection, makes the skin fuller and firmer, smooth and revitalized. Nourishes the skin and improves skin texture!”

They’re made with fresh ingredients as soon as you order them. They’re 150ml Each of the body lotions come in a limited edition pouch so you can, if you want, collect them all 😀

They are £15 each.

So…what do you think? Will you be buying one?

You are Beautiful!



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