My Hair Dying Adventure

So…as ye know I have been on an adventure to dye my hair lilac….ye also know it didn’t go as planned 😦

After dying my hair Marshmallow….lilac…violet….I decided to strip the colour and go back to my normal brown hair. So two days ago I bought a pre lightening kit from Boots and also a dark blonde hair dye. I stripped the colour and…it went minty yellowish colour with the roots all yellow. During the process of applying the pre lightening dye to the lengths of my hair first (my mum dyed it for me…thank you mama) and waiting for it to develop for 30 mins and then dying the roots….it started to hurt so much and my hair became matted. It was official..I had ruined my hair which I had tried so hard to maintain the healthiness. So this morning I looked at my hair and just had to call my boyfriend to buy the darkest brown of all the hair dyes in the shop…I told him to get the new Garnier dye, Olia, which has oils in it. I told him to get that one because I was hoping that those oils it has wouldn’t be as damaging to my hair…I hoped and hope 🙂


Marshmallow colour


Lilac colour

So…my mum once again dyed the hair…and now after rinsing and conditioning it, after waiting an hour for it to develop, I prefer it. There is some green still in there but it’s so much better and darker. It isn’t dry yet but I can tell that it will be better than all the other colours I dyed in my hair. My hair right now…my scalp is so delicate. My hair is so thin also…it seems like I have less hair now and it’s so dry also.


Detail of colour after dying it lilac


After dying it violet and a purple

What I recommend right now….if you would like to dye your hair any pastel seek (unless you can trust yourself and don’t care your hair being ruined) professional help. It will be expensive but your hair won’t be as damaged as mine right now.


Stripping the colour


It turning a minty-yellowy colour


The result after stripping the colour


Colour after dying it chocolate brown (Iced Chocolate by Garnier Olia)

New hair colour #bbloggers #fbloggers

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The colour after it dried a bit 🙂

What I have to do right now is buy some restorative treatments and treat the hell out of my hair and hope my hair will get better. I will be investing in better products for that so if anyone has any recommendations do share 🙂

Anyways this is a lesson for me…I will not try to do this on my own. I am going to dye my hair the same brown colour in 2-3 weeks to take away most of the green. Also what I will not be doing for a long time is dying my hair and saving to go the hairdresser when I want to dye my hair.

Have you had any similar thing happened to you? Have you had a bad hair dye? What is your favourite colour for hair?

You are Beautiful!



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