Rihanna and river Island = Perfection?

Hey guys 🙂

As you may know Rihanna showcased her collection at London Fashion Week on the 17th and I was one of the many watching and waiting impatiently for around an hour because they were more than fashionably late to start the show :/ Not good. I was about to quit out of it just as it was about to start and I guess, thank god I didn’t.

Now…I have been waiting for this collection since I heard about it and was excited for it. I think almost everyone was tuning in and probably tuning out after the long wait. We just wanted , in the end, for it to be over and to go to bed. I did anyways…

The show was accompanied by rap and Rihanna’s type of music which well…if you’re gonna do a collection you will have music that you like playing. The music choice was ok.

The collection itself was Rihanna…you can totally see her wearing each piece and that is what she set out to do for this collection as she stated in the video being shown over and over again when we were waiting. There was a lot of black…but I can’t complain because we can’t have too much black in our wardrobe. The 90’s were alive and well in her collection with crop tops galore. There was a black dress that really reminded me of something Angelina has worn or would wear. It has a grungy sexy feeling this collection and even though it wasn’t wow for me.. I do think I will be purchasing at least one item from it because I guess I love Rihanna. She looked stunning as always by the way. She is currently working on the A/W collection and that I am also excited for. I’d say it will be vampy and also I am thinking there will be some egyptian type influence in there too….I can’t wait for that one!

The collection hits select stores and online on March 5th…hope they won’t be late releasing it…. :/

I am excited for it to be in stores and I am sooo happy to know that they won’t be discriminating us down here in Limerick by having it only in Dublin as H&M do every time they collaborate with a designer….

If you didn’t check out the show don’t worry I have the video for you 🙂 Here are some of the items from her collection. Now tell me did you watch it? What did you think of it?

This reminds me of the girl group TLC

*All images taken from Vogue

You can watch the video here

You are Beautiful!



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