Topshop Wish List

Hey guys 🙂


I know I had a wish list up on wednesday but am…Topshop have amazing things right now so I had to do a Topshop WishList.

I know it’s not too much in this wish list but I still thought it was worth making this post. What do you think? Maybe you like something here. Oh! I now have two pairs of Joni Jeans and a tip to any Irish customers…buy online! It’s so much cheaper! I cannot recommend them enough. They’re brilliant. I wanted to get the American apparel easy jean but no way I’m spending that much money on them. In store the Joni Jeans are €55 and online they’re gonna be around €40 something with shipping so yea way better!

Topshop Joni Jeans £36

American Apparel Easy Jean €74


Anyways hope you like this post. Hope you’re having a great weekend too 🙂

You are Beautiful!



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