C’est Jeanne

Hey guys 🙂

I have an online store here to tell you about 🙂 Yesterday I had received a comment on my Instagram and the lovely girl who commented suggested to check out her store where she had 20% off her socks. I immediately checked it out of course and I love the socks!! I had to get a pair because here it’s so hard to find frilly socks especially when they’re different colours. I got the lilac frill socks. Can’t wait to get them.

She has different types of ones and they’re all £3 and the shipping is just £5 worldwide and it doesn’t matter how many you order.

Here are some of the socks you can find in her store.

They’re so cute!! They go so well with any hellbound, creepers, litas, normal shoes, brogues…anything. I will be buying the frilly socks from her from now on 🙂 What do you think?

*The lilac ones are out of stock so I’m guessing there’s only one of each so if you like one get them or they’ll be gone 🙂

Follow her on Instagram and also Facebook and if you do let her know that I’ve sent you 🙂  The 20% off code is socks and ends on sunday!

You are Beautiful!



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