Update on shop

Hey guys 🙂

Just wanted to update you on my shop. If any of ye have recently checked out my store then you know that there are less items. That is because I can’t keep paying every month but the most popular viewed items are still up on the shop.

If you don’t know…I have a pair of Vintage Levi shorts in waist 26″ They can be customised if desired. I also have a Topshop crop top/bralet which has a cut out right under the bust area. I’m selling this because it doesn’t fit me 😦 It is a UK size 6. I also am selling a Yayer winey/oxblood dress which I found in a thrift store. Also a party dress which is very sparkly with big sequins on it. It’s a size 10. The last item I have is a gorgeous Black Velvet Maxi dress which is a size 10.




I started this shop last year, forget when, because I love fashion and when I was younger wanted to be a designer. That didn’t turn out as planned but I do still want to do something apart from blogging. I hope to start styling soon and right now I would love to have a model and shoot for my shop 😦 If anyone knows anyone around Limerick who would like to start modelling and wants to have some experience send them my way. I need a size 6-8UK model as most of my clothes are for size 8UK. That’s why I am selling them…they don’t fit anymore 😦

Anyways I do want to start styling and all that and have more outfit shots on the blog but I guess that will take time. I will, hopefully, film another lookbook tomorrow if it’s ok outside.

But yes I hope you check out the shop and also follow the official twitter of the shop here. Let me know what you think. Also if you do buy any of these pieces when you receive them I really would like for you to send me a pic of you wearing it so I can put it up on the twitter and shop. If you have any suggestions do let me know 🙂

You are Beautiful!



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