Evie Knight

Hey guys 🙂

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Evie Knight but if you haven’t well you’re in for a treat. Evie Knight are a UK store that has vintage and new pieces. You might have seen my tweet where I showed what I will be getting, hopefully my size will be there, on thursday. It’s the dungarees that look like the Topshop ones and for half the price!! I want it so badly!

I was so excited for their launch and just thought that it would be brilliant for ye to know more about them and so ye can fall in love with their stuff too 🙂 By the way all the clothes on their website and the accessories are…. amazing!! I love how 90’s it is and I am a child of the 90’s so it just draws me to it. I love their sunglasses it reminds me of a necklace I had…my mum still has it actually.

They have three collections and I think that they would suit anyone’s style.

I asked them a few questions so you could know more and thought it would be interesting to know also 🙂

Q1. Who is Evie Knight as a brand?

Evie Knight was created with cool, edgy girls in mind. All our products are sourced and designed for this girl who says F U to the world through her clothes. The people that make up Evie Knight are those girls so its easy to source and design stuff for her as we ARE her as well! We get what she wants and how/when she wants it.

Q2. When did you want to start your own shop and why? (Tell me a little bit about you)

It all came about by accident really. After quitting my job at a huge retail brand I needed money! I started selling my vintage on ASOSmarketplace and it sold so well that I started sourcing and doing it full time. Before I knew it we were a top selling boutique and designing our own website! Its come so far is such a small space of time and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it slowing down so I’m just going with it.

Q3. What inspires you to pick the items that will be in your store?

Instinct. You just get a feeling of whether the costumer is going to like it or not. When your heart races looking at an item you know someone else’s heart will race too.

Q4. Do you look at trends or do your own thing?

I think Evie Knight is beyond trends. It’s nice when something really cool is on trend but that doesn’t define whether we stock it or not. We don’t sit down in meetings with the intention to stock the latest trend because thats what ever other brand out there does, we’re more like “we think our costumer is going to dig this next season”.

Q5. Who is your client?

It’s so hard to define our costumer because she’s so varied! One day she wants to rock lace and neon and the next its down and dirty grunge. Whatever she does, she does with this bad ass attitude and thats why we love her.

Here are some pieces which you can find on their store

Q6. Where can customers find you? Thats where its at.

You can also find them on twitter, tumblr and facebook. Follow them all and by the way their tumblr is inspiring.


2 thoughts on “Evie Knight

    • Thank youuuu! 🙂 I am still wanting and will get the black jumpsuit. I kinda went overboard with the Rihanna collection in River Island and don’t have enough to get it now 😦 But hope to next week. xoxox

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