My Tattoos

Hey guys 🙂

I wanted to do this post because I was asked to, I was asked to do a video also but I don’t think with just having 3 I don’t think it is really something that would be good as a video but I will be getting more so don’t worry soon there will be a video when I get more and more tattoos 🙂

I am a person that loves tattoos…metal music…motorbikes and all that. So getting a tattoo was inevitable. I got my first tattoo when I turned 18. I actually got the tattoo as a present from my parents. Now my parents really are not ones to like tattoos but they thought the design wasn’t bad so they agreed.

Myself and my dad went around to look at tattoo shops and see where it would be good for me to get it done. My dad decided that Danny Bullman tattoo shop was the best out of the ones that we went. He liked the cleanliness and the professionalism.

The tattoo I got was a HIM Heartagram with a tribal design going around my right wrist. I got that because back then I was in love with the band and am…Ville Valo!! How could you not though ahaha 🙂

I was going to get the tattoo done by another artist but Danny Bullman came in and just did my tattoo which I never knew that he was a tattoo artist that has tattooed so many bands…well known bands including the band, Queens of the Stone Age. So was super excited that he tattooed me.

The tattoo took 45 mins, around there, and it didn’t hurt for me as much. The outlining doesn’t hurt at all but the shading could hurt a bit. I don’t really like the band as much now but the memories make me still love this tattoo.



The next tattoo I got was when I was 20, not on my birth day but that year. The tattoo I got is one of the drawings by Victoria Frances and I used to have some posters of her work in my room which was before I got the tattoo. I only told the guys in my class and I went into the tattoo shop with my bf and he also got a tattoo then. I got this tattoo because I felt like that is the way I was back then. I wasn’t into the emo thing so that’s not why I got it. I also am obsessed with vampires so that’s another reason why I got it.

This tattoo took 2hrs 30mins and it didn’t hurt till the very end when he was putting on the colour. The colour hurt more. He put a numbing cream on it to make it hurt less but I could still feel the pain a bit. When I went in to show the artist, Danny Bullman, the drawing of what I wanted…I had told him that I wanted it to be small and definitely not big. But he told me that it can’t be small because of the detail in the tattoo. He said that in 20 years the head would have become a blob. So the tattoo ended up covering the whole bottom half of the inside of my arm.

IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3601

The third tattoo I got was last year…I got this ankh because I’ve always loved egypt and the history. In fact I wanted to be an archaeologist and egyptologist and kinda still do. I kind of idolize Zahi Hawass who is an egyptologist and an egyptian (if you don’t know him). So I also got it because of the meaning which means life. I actually wanted to get the eye of horus also when getting this but the pain was too much so I have left it for another day.

I got this tattoo on my hand. I was advised not to get it done there because it would not be good for if you are looking for a job etc and also it fades faster. I still wanted it done there. It was done in 30-40mins and my god it hurt like hell. When it healed the ink didn’t take that much so I was told to go back and since the first time you are getting it re done is free I was told to go back when it healed. I have yet to go back :/ The pain is scaring me away but the feeling of getting a tattoo is making me want to get it re done and get another tattoo on my hand. That’s what getting a tattoo does to you. This tattoo is by far the most painful one.




Thats all my tattoos but there will be more because it’s true what they say…they are addictive.


You are Beautiful!




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2 thoughts on “My Tattoos

  1. Thank you for sharing. I loved hearing the stories, I love queens so very cool. I love the second, I love vampires too.. I can’t help myself 🙂 I got a tattoo like 3 days after I turned 18, I ran into Manhatten and got myself a tramp stamp. Much regretted now, haha. Do you read the blog Tattoologist? It’s great ❤

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