All BLACK Everything!

Who doesn’t LOVE black ?! I know I do. It’s classic and timeless. It can work in the day or at night. You can make it any style you want from classic to edgy to gothic…anything.

Now I know it’s not something that everyone will want to wear every day but I know that I would and do wear black a lot.

I decided to come up with a look that is classic, especially with those Zara heels,  yet edgy and gothic-y because that is my style. I thought it was something that you could wear out for a dinner or on a date. You will be showing skin with this top but pairing it with a blazer and leather jacket would make it more classic and less hooochy. For make up I think you should go with a minimal look, maybe just a winged eye and nude lip or you can choose a red or dark coloured lipstick so it will give it more umph and the nails I think should be black also.

What do ye think of the look? Would ye wear this or would you take some individual pieces and style them differently? Where would you wear this?

All Black Everything
You are Beautiful!

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