A Little Haul

Hey guys,

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you know that I have been buying and haven’t been able to stop. I will probably be posting another soon because I have seen or probably bought other things.

Here are a few things that I want to get

First are these gorgeous shoes from Folkster. The first are the gorgeous Miista Zoe shoes and I love the rose gold version! The other pair are the most gorgeous shoes by Mr. Jeffrey Campbell, they are the Oxblood Coletranes. Mmmmm…

The next tees are from High Heels Suicide and ugh I wanna get these sooo bad!

I am in love with Unif and these you can get on Dollskill. Love Unif!

These next shoes are from Zara and you can get these online right now!

And here are the things I got between a few days ago and a month or two ago.

IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507

I am in love with my beanies! On the left is the High Heels Suicide beanie that they’ve got online. By the way you can get free shipping with code DOUBLEFREE and my limited edition 10thTribe beanie which I love also!


I got this gorgeous bikini top from Miss KL and it’s by Unif


I got this a few days ago in Zara..it’s a gorgeous summer dress that I hope to wear if it get’s warmer.

IMG_0510 IMG_0512

I got this dungaree dress from River Island and it’s still in stores πŸ™‚

IMG_0513_2 IMG_0514

I finally got this Unif tank which I had wanted since I first saw it on tumblr! I love it and it’s so soft! I got it in a size small…I got most of these items in a size small. I got this at the same time as the bikini top.

IMG_0515_2 IMG_0516

I got this gorgeous dress from River Island. It was on sale and got it for €14 which I thought was a good price.

IMG_0517 IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0520 IMG_0522 IMG_0523

Ahhh…my gorgeous Unif Backoff Shorts…I…love…these! I got it in size 27 waist. Seriously these are a must for any shorts lover. I got them on Dollskill, don’t know if they’re sold out yet but if they are then you can also find them on Miss KL

I also got this gorgeous lipstick, no 95, from Inglot

This is the colour no 95. #inglot #bbloggers

A post shared by Ana Elizabeth Aguila (@redlipsbluejeansblog) on

And I got the gorgeous Silver Factory tank and my new necklace from Zara

My @_silverfactory tank just arrived! πŸ˜»πŸ’œ

A post shared by Ana Elizabeth Aguila (@redlipsbluejeansblog) on

I am IN lOVE with my #Zara necklace it's gorgeous! #fbloggers #skull #necklace #fashion

A post shared by Ana Elizabeth Aguila (@redlipsbluejeansblog) on

By the way these are coming to me soon πŸ˜€ From Dollskill too πŸ™‚

Let me know what ye think πŸ™‚

You are Beautiful!



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