Dixi. New Collections. New Website.

Mark your calendars because Dixi‘s new collection and new website will be here tomorrow! Be prepared for more unique and gorgeous items.

I cannot wait for their new collections and I have had a chance to take a sneak peak into their new gorgeousness. I wanted to share it with ye and here it is

The New collections are called Woodstock and Luxe Bohemia going with what really their jewellery is all about. They have re-branded and now are catering to all your modern and vintage jewellery needs. Exciting! From the images that I was sent their new collections are what you’d expect from Dixi which is gorgeous and unique pieces that you will be grabbing for more than your other jewellery. These two collections are perfect, as with all their items, to give your outfit a little extra. Also if you are going to a festival then these collections are perfect for you..take inspiration from Coachella and pair your outfit with these gorgeous jewellery and accessory items.

I have become so excited for the new dixi website and collections since they’ve been sharing some pieces on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Finally they are on Instagram! :D)

They have also come up with new packaging which looks so chic. The items I have shown you here are just a few of the 100 pieces that they’ll have in store on Sunday.. tomorrow!! 😀 I will finally be getting a flower crown and I’m so happy that Dixi are going to be stocking them. I also love how reasonable their prices are.

So…hope you’re excited and don’t forget, mark your calendars, these are items that you’re jewellery box needs and you need…trust me 🙂 I can’t wait for tomorrow and I’ve got a treat… You can get 10% off with code BLOGGER10 (Valid from 28th of April – 6th of May)

Coming Soon


Let me know what you think 🙂


You are Beautiful!




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