One Of The Best Hair Stylists Out There

Hey guys 🙂

As some of ye know I have been Melo Yelo (part of the Hugh Campbell Hair Group) hair model now for a few years and all I can say is that the hair stylists that deal with my hair, Sonia Danaher (hair stylist) and James O’Dwyer(colourist), are one of the best out there! All of the Hugh Campbell hair stylists are so talented and they’ve got awards to prove it but yes Sonia and James pay so much attention to who you are before coming up with your perfect hair style.

I have had the pleasure of modelling for them at the In Salon Awards and last year at the L’Oreal Colour Trophy, we went to the finals, and also have had the pleasure to model for RUSH Uk and for Debbie G and Sarah a week and a bit ago. It’s such a wonderful opportunity and I’m so grateful for it.

Here are the looks that were created by Sonia Danaher, Jennifer James O’Dwyer, RUSH UK, Debbie G and Sarah

For the In Salon Awards (Sonia Danaher and Jennifer – Melo Yelo)

When RUSH UK came to do a demo for all the staff

For the L’Oreal Colour Trophy (Hair done by Sonia Danaher and James O’Dwyer – Hair Stylists at Melo Yelo)

Featured in a magazine

IMG_1541 IMG_1511

Here’s my latest hair style now 🙂


#fotd #Nars Fire Down Below and #Smashbox Liquid Liner #bbloggers

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Three years have past so fast and it has always been a pleasure. Thank you Sonia Danaher, James O’Dwyer and the Hugh Campbell Hair Group for being amazing! 🙂

*All photos taken from the Hugh Campbell Hair Group Facebook Page



7 thoughts on “One Of The Best Hair Stylists Out There

    Srsly!! You look phenominal!!
    Is it coming across yet that I think you look absolutely blumin smashing in those photos?!!!
    YES, good!!!
    😉 oh and nice hair 😉 haha, you can pull anything off!

    • Ahheehehhehee thank you!!! Hehehehe you’re so kind thank you so much 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ The one with the pinky-ish blondy-ish hair cut I wasn't that confident with so had to go to my stylist Sonia and got it cut short which is what I have now. But yea they're so talented and have always done a great job. But thank you thank you thank you 🙂 By the way you are so so stunning and always lovely ❤ ❤ xoxoxo

  2. Seriously, you look ridonkulously pretty. You have the perfect bone structure to pull off short hair. [I look like a round pumpkin head if I get cut any shorter than my clavicle.]

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