Summer Holidays Wish List

Hey guys 🙂

Well….since I might be going to Cuba this june and maybe a lot of ye will be jetting off somewhere warm I decided to come up with some items that I think would be very good to buy or have packed for your trip to a warmer country. It is also a checklist for me to remember not to get unnecessary things because sometimes I do kind of get other things I don’t need. I’m thinking of packing a great number of tanks and t-shirts that are nice and light. I might also bring a cardigan or two in case it gets cold in the evening and also a pair of jeans or two but that are a light wash because black and sun don’t go.

For shoes though that is where I don’t know what to really get…I already own converse so those are a must and I have flip flops but don’t have any sandals to walk around in. I would love to bring my litas or hellbounds but I don’t know if that is such a good idea. If any of ye have any suggestions do let me know 🙂

I guess first off check your own wardrobe for things that you could bring on your holidays. Make sure you have light t-shirts tanks and shorts (obviously). I have three pairs and thinking of getting two more from Folkster but a light wash one this time.

I came up with a few sets on polyvore where I came up with some outfits that will help me in the planning of what to bring with me and what I need. Hope this helps ye too 🙂

Packing for Vacation Part I


Vacation planning part II
Vacation Planning Part III
Vacation Planning Part IV
Vacation Plannin V
Let me know what you think 🙂 These are some pieces that I will get and that I already have but these are basics that I think everyone should bring with them on holidays and I know I will 🙂
You are Beautiful!

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