Silver Factory

I bought this gorgeous tank from Silver Factory maybe two weeks back and love it! It will be in my luggage for Cuba for sure. So well made and love the print. Goes with anything and here is how I styled it.

IMG_0569_2 IMG_0568 IMG_0575 IMG_0577_2 IMG_0578 IMG_0586_2 IMG_0589

Let me know what you think šŸ™‚

You are Beautiful!



4 thoughts on “Silver Factory

  1. I like this hairstyle. You look beautiful. but i cant understand … your eyebrows were black … you dyed them?in any case, you’re gorgeous!

    • Thank you ani. Ah they had lightened them at the same time they did my hair. The pinky blondey one. I’m actually really happy they lightened them. Suits the blonde now and my eyebrows aren’t too out there. But thank you ani ā¤

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