Little Finds

Hey guys 🙂

See I told you I would be back with another few items I have gotten 🙂 (not good but I can’t help it :/)

I received my Unif Harness dress from MissKL. The pinky/nude one wasn’t in my size so I decided to get it in black and it was/is on sale! 😀 I got the dress in a size small. I think though that a size smaller would have been a bit better as I have small boobs and it doesn’t fill out the top bit 😦 Since it’s so flowy at the bottom I do think that you can afford to go a size down than your normal size. It’s a gorgeous dress and perfect for the summer, nights out etc. It’s just gorgeous.



The next item I’m very happy about…and that is…. this gorgeous Minkpink faux fur coat! 😀 Minkpink! I never thought I’d see this in my home town. But anyways I got it at a new little store that opened up recently and they are just what my home town’s sort of like a vintage boutique. I forget what it’s called 😥 I got it for €’s probably loads for it when the lining is all messed up but I was so happy with that price and it’s Minkpink. How many times have I said Minkpink?! 3 times…I know because there’s a red line under it because my laptop doesn’t know about this brand.



I went into TK Maxx…and found Band Of Gypsies skirt! It is gorgeous and they had the last of my size which is brilliant. I love how gorgeous it is and it’s a very light fabric so it will be brilliant for my vacation. I definitely think ye should go to your nearest TK Maxx and search for it because it is gorgeous.




The last item should be the gorgeous One Teaspoon Eagles shadow bikini but…I was sent the wrong item and I’ve just sent it back today so I will hopefully get it in a week or two maybe…hopefully in a week. Fingers Crossed!

Guys since ye know I’m going on holidays I would like ye’re opinion…I want to vlog over there…maybe show snipets of my day and also maybe document my outfits…would you like to see that? Should I vlog while I’m over there?

Oh and by the way guys..what would ye like to see on the blog? Would love some suggestions 🙂

Sorry that the photos aren’t that great 😦

You are Beautiful!



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