Evil Twin OOTD

Hey guys

I’m back with another outfit post, I hope that they will be regular from now on! But no promises though 🙂 I hope to make them more professional as well 🙂

Anyways let me tell you about my outfit…

I went to Dublin last Saturday and my routine is to go into Urban Outfitters because I have to go into that place…it hypnotises you! Beware! I went straight to the (actually I climbed three flights of stairs :/) sale section and there lurking at the back of the room was this glorious dress from Evil Twin. I looked at the price and since I didn’t have enough I asked my boyfriend if he could help me with paying half and he did 😀 It was €45 and originally it was €120 so I couldn’t let it go! I actually waited with it in hand till my bf came back from being in the comic shop. So….I got it then and wore it to the gig which was why we went up to Dublin. It’s really the only reason why we go up there to be honest.

So before I show you the outfit I wanna show you the beauty that is my bikini top which I got from Dollskill (I will have a post up about them soon-keep an eye for that and you’ll know why 🙂 ) This is the second one I ordered and it’s as gorgeous as it looks on Tumblr.


It cost me €70 with shipping though but it was worth it. I bought a black bikini bottom from the Beyonce for H&M collection and that cost me a fiver which is brilliant! Actually go on their website or go to your nearest H&M and check out the bikinis because they have Beyonce’s ones for cheap and they’re not on sale!

But anyways here’s the outfit…


IMG_0548 IMG_0550 IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0556 IMG_0558 IMG_0559



All my jewellery are from Regal Rose and Dixi and you can get all their gorgeous jewellery and seriously go get something from them! You will not be disappointed! ❤


Oh!! By the way there will be another outfit post with my gorgeous items from Veuxdoo. Keep your eyes peeled for that and also I will have a post up about the gorgeous shop Carousel which are an Irish shop 😀 



Anyways hope ye had a great day and take care 🙂


You are Beautiful!




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