My Summer Style

So I don’t know if ye know about IFB but they’re a place where us Independent Fashion Bloggers can share links, get to know more bloggers and get tips. I recommend any fashion blogger to sign up! They have projects and this time I decided to take part and well since it is about your personal summer style I just couldn’t pass it up. I am just wanting the weather to get better here so I can wear my shorts and tanks and get my colour back!

So here’s my style…what I will be wearing this summer and I know ye’ve seen this before but well it’s what I will be wearing so hehe hope ye like it and maybe ye’ll find new items there that you didn’t see before 🙂


Summer Style
Of course Summer means short shorts and floral crowns! These shorts are from One Teaspoon (they have an amazing sale right now!) and the shoes are from Folkster. The floral crown, which I still have to get, is from Dixi  the tank is from High Heels Suicide
Anyways let me know what you think 🙂 What will you be rocking this summer?
You are Beautiful!

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