My life on instagram

Hey guys πŸ™‚

Time for another instagram post πŸ™‚ Follow my instagram to be kept up to date πŸ™‚ I post a lot of outfits there πŸ™‚ Oh! and guys I am on an online magazine that was started by Angel Quintana she is amazing! Her style and her view in life is gorgeous! Go check her blog out and subscribe to the magazine! πŸ˜€ Here’s June’s issue where I am featured πŸ™‚

Gorgeous recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book ‘It’s All Good’

My outfit video featuring 10th Tribe DOLL beanie

New t-shirts by Veuxdoo that I am in love with! Check their site out!

My Patent Leather Coltranes from Folkster (will have a review soon!)

New video up on my Youtube channel

In sunny salt hill #summer #beach #ireland

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We went on a little trip to Satlhill Galway. It was so warm that day!

My One Teaspoon shorts! I love them even though their a bit big for me but yes now I am addicted and want to buy more and more!

My little monkey amber

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My little Amber being cute πŸ™‚

Hope your weekend is going good πŸ™‚

You are Beautiful!



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