Kimono-Styled 4 Ways

Hey guys 🙂

I was suggested to do this kind of post by the lovely Nia from Cherry Fashion blog and I’m glad she suggested it because I wasn’t really feeling inspired at all. I don’t know why I have never done a post like this but anyways I’m doing one now and if you like this post I will do more just let me know 🙂

So…I decided to style a kimono four ways because I think a kimono is a staple for the summer. I have one and am so glad I got it last year in H&M in their sale for €7. Ye should check H&M as they’ve got a gorgeous one right now. I’m in love with the bohemian trend for the summer (as ye can probably tell) and a kimono is an item anyone should have especially if they love the bohemian trend like me.

I styled it four different ways. For casual days and a night out. Let me know what you think of this 🙂 Would love to know ye’re opinions 🙂

1 item 4 ways
You are Beautiful!

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