A little update

Hey guys 🙂


So as some of ye may know that I will be going on holidays and it’s getting closer now. I will be gone for 2 weeks and a bit. I won’t be neglecting my blog though but the posts won’t be as frequent and also there’ll be only one post but that’s until I get back. I will have styling posts up maybe up to 3 per week. Not sure yet though 🙂

I have already packed. I have all my clothes packed and I decided not to bring too much because I can just wash what gets dirty. I have packed a lot of tanks and shorts and will be bringing 4 dresses. Ones that are nice and airy. I packed 6 pairs of shorts as well because I really only want to wear shorts. It’s gonna be from 25 to almost 40 degrees so yea I will roast! O_O 

Anyways just wanted to let ye know in case ye wonder why there’s no words in my posts 🙂 Hope ye stick around until I get back 🙂 I hope to record some footage so I will be editing a holiday vlog maybe so stick around for that and subscribe to my Youtube Channel to be notified of new videos as well as if you haven’t subscribed to my blog do too because when I come back there will be more outfit posts and videos and I’m going to do a Fashion inspiration tag 🙂 


Hope ye are having a good day and let me know what are ye going to do this summer? Going anywhere? 


You are Beautiful!




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