Blog Crush

Hey guys 🙂


I have been once again crushing on some blogger’s blog and well how can I not when there’s so many amazing bloggers out there!


I have been following these four bloggers for ages now and you will find out why and hope that you will also love their blogs as much as I do 🙂


First off is Lia from Rockin Closet. She has started to do more outfit posts now and I am soooo f*cking glad she is because she has amazing style! She also has amazing taste!


The next blog I have been following is The Pulse of Fashion and I love her and her style! She has gorgeous hair and taste. She’s such a sweet heart and do not miss the chance of winning some ELF Goodies on her blog! She also customises a few clothing items 😀


Next blog is Cherry Fashion which was created by Nia. She has opened her new shop and she has gorgeous accessories there which she makes herself 🙂 She is so gorgeous and has gorgeous style which is chic and sophisticated. Also subscribe to her youtube channel!


And last but not least there’s Pastel Bokeh which was created by Annalise and she has started with outfit posts and I can’t wait to see more!


They all are such amazing bloggers, people and have gorgeous style. Each is individual and that’s why I love their blogs. They’re also genuine. Go and follow their blog and maybe say hi from me 🙂


You are Beautiful!




7 thoughts on “Blog Crush

    • Mwah! Yea I’m good. Packed already..gonna leave on thursday and yea things are going wrong now but hope everything works out in the end. It always does but hope it will. Hope you had a good weekend 🙂 ❤

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