Firmoo July Offers

Summer Must-have Item- Tinted Rx Sunnies
bloger glasses

To be honest, as a glasses wearer it gets annoying when having to pick out sunglasses because unless you wear contacts you can’t just buy sunglasses and wear them immediately.

So for this summer, I think a pair of tinted prescription sunglasses is a visual aid which features lenses that are coloured or darkened or polarising lenses to protect my eyes from the sun’s glare. More excitingly, there are different colours of tinting for my choice. If you have not tried this before, you can try to get your First pair for free of tinted prescription sunglasses at

If you are a fashionista and already own a few pairs of eye glasses, think about a nice pair of prescription Sunglasses that you can use for driving.

NEW ARRIVALS Price includes 1.50 single vision lenses

(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served!


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