A Few of the Sales

Hey guys πŸ™‚


How is your week going? Mine is ok…just paying a few bills and even though it’s not that important to tell you but I will be going from my network and phone bill contract is up so I can be free and join another network that has unlimited data, calls and texts to any network. I’m so happy that my bill pay contract is up tomorrow. I wouldn’t recommend bill pay at all…the money you spend on the internet is outrageous. Well it was for me.


But anyways back to the important things….sales!!

There are sooo many websites right now that have sales and I know it’s been going on for ages but I unfortunately I didn’t know about them :/ I wanted to share my favourite sale items that you can get right now…so here it goes..



Gypsy Warrior sent me an email (make sure you sign up to their mailing service to know about these offers) saying they’re having a flash sale and of course I had to let ye know. It ends tonight so if you see anything then hurry! All you gotta do is enter the code SUMMERCRAY and you get 40% off.



Nasty Gal, like always, have an amazing sale and also have amazing pieces on sale! Here are some pieces..

Motel Rocks have some amazing pieces in their sale but one thing I know is that if you see something you like and you don’t get it it will probably be out of your size or sold out so yea if you πŸ™‚ However if you don’t see anything you like then you can get 20% off any non sale Motel Rocks items with my exclusive code elizabethsbeauty

Another great website which I looooove is Wasteland. Seriously if I ever move to California I will be going in there everyday because they’re stuff is amazing!

Another of my favourite stores is Dollskill and they’re sale always makes me drooooooollll….and holy moly **** they have an offer that is buy one get one!!

Hope you can find something that you like in one of these websites (or on all) and let me know if you do! Would love to know what you get πŸ™‚

You are Beautiful!



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