Jeffrey Campbell Patent Coltrane – Review

Hey guys 🙂

It has been almost 2 months, possibly more, since I got my Coltranes and I gotta say I love them! They are perfect for wearing them every day and with everything. Ever since they came out I’ve wanted them, but before then I wanted the Roscoes and unfortunately I couldn’t find them anywhere 😦 So when I had seen the Coltranes I had to have em! I originally wanted the oxblood ones but they sold out when I was going to get them 😦 So I decided to go for the new ones which were the patent ones which I also loved.

I got them from Folkster and they’re brilliant with their speedy delivery. Also because it was over 150 the shipping was free..yipeee!


When I got them I first couldn’t believe they were finally mine. So I stared at them and posted a photo on instagram (as you do..) After that I didn’t take them off for three days. I took them off after the third day because I got nasty blisters all over my feet 😦 But of course that is what you can expect with new shoes. You gotta break them in and do expect your feet to hurt like hell for a while.

When I had researched them before I was worried that the heel would be made of foam and it could probably wear down fast (opinion of a vlogger in her review) but I was happy and tested it by digging my nail into it that it was made of rubber and I didn’t have to worry at all.

However they are comfy and perfect to walk around. I’m sure that when I have broken them in I won’t take them off at all. I brought them to Cuba with me but I found them to be too heavy for the 30+ heat and humidity so I wore my sandals most of the time.

I noticed one of the days before leaving for Cuba that one of the little silver thingies on one of the straps was missing but few minutes later I found it. I was  worried that it would come off without me knowing about it but I thought that I put it back on securely. The day we were leaving to go back home from Cuba I noticed it was missing again but this time I could do nothing about it as we had just passed the security. So if you do have a pair just be mindful that it could fall off. I know it’s not something you should be worried about especially when they’re shoes that are expensive.

I, however, am still happy with them and don’t let that little silver thingy bother me so I would still recommend them just know that it will probably come off.


Hope you liked the review and I will have a video up one of these days showing them to you….

Hope you have a great day and hope this helped.


You are Beautiful!




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4 thoughts on “Jeffrey Campbell Patent Coltrane – Review

  1. These are seriously rad! They look so cool on (awh I love Folkster! Did a post on them a while back) and really strike me one of those awesome staples you can pick up that literally go with everything. Annoying about the silver thing coming off, but as you said, I suppose it pales in comparison to the boots as a whole. Need to get myself a pair of Campbells! So amazing.

    Amelia xx

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