Hayches Goodies


Hey guys 🙂


Ye might remember that a while back I wrote a post on the brand/store Hayches telling ye about all their gorgeous items. Here’s the post if you haven’t read it yet or can’t remember 🙂


I finally bought the earrings that I’ve wanted to get for a while now and they’re gorgeous and unique also something that I don’t have in my little jewellery box. The earrings are a one english penny and they are silver (I love silver jewellery). I have very sensitive ears and I was so glad when I put them on (had them on since I received them) and they haven’t made my ears hurt or anything like that so yay!! 😀




I think that they are so classy and all I want to do is where a white silk shirt with leather pants, leather jacket, pearl necklace and a pair of heels. Oh and a red lip!


I will be doing a video featuring them and the next item that I’m about to show you now and I hope you will like this video 🙂 Gonna try and do it differently 🙂 So subscribe to my Youtube Channel to not miss when it is live 🙂

IMG_8027 IMG_8026 IMG_8025 IMG_8024 IMG_8023 IMG_8022

The next item is this GORGEOUS metallic silver leather iPhone sleeve. They were so kind to gift that to me 🙂 Thank you once again guys! and I gotta say I am in love with it. I haven’t stopped looking at it and touching it and smelling it….yes I sound creepy and insane but if you buy one for your phone you’ll know what I mean 😀

It’s so well made and my iPhone fits perfectly…it’s got a gorgeous stylish home now 😀 I have owned phone cases before but have always taken them off because I prefer how the phone looks without it and it’s not chunky so this sleeve is the perfect safe place for it 😀

They also have blackberry sleeves and iPad sleeves if you would like to check them out 🙂

I want to buy one of their chains next and I am eyeing this one especially.

I love how classy their items are and yeah that necklace will be mine also 😀

You can check out their gadget sleeves here, their jewellery here and their bags here

What do you think?

You are Beautiful!



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