Shoe Collection Part 1| Boots

This is the first part of my shoe collection and it’s all about boots! I was originally just going to have my full collection in one video but because it was 19mins I decided to make it into three parts or else ye would have been bored.

I decided not to have a voice over so I just give a few details of the shoe at the start. Hopefully ye will like the videos. I will be uploading the second and third parts in the coming days.

I actually discovered, when doing this, that I have so many shoes and it will continue to grow I’m sure. But hmm…how about ye? Do ye own loads of shoes? Which is your favourite in ye’re collection? My favourites are my boots and my recent purchases which are my Coltranes and my Topshop cut out shoes which you will see in part three.

I am showing some pairs in the video that are currently on sale in my shop so if you wanted to see how they look on then you can 🙂

I have reviews up of my Jeffrey Campbell Lita spikes and Lita Espanas and also I have a post comparing my Hellbounds to my Litas if you would like to read it.


You are Beautiful!

Oh! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!



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